Dealing with arrangements once death has happened is stressful. Between funeral home arrangements and the cemetery, the stress and sorrow makes this unpleasant. The stress of choosing and paying for the burial spaces, the opening and closing, the burial vaults and memorial markers can be eliminated when these arrangements are pre-made.

Prearranging the needs at the cemetery eliminates this task for your family when it is needed. With prearranging, all the family does is to contact River Hills and the individual file will show what is done and paid for. 

Paying for these services now also eliminates future price increases; once paid for when the services are needed, there is no cost to the family. If the need doesn’t happen for 40 years, there will be no additional costs for those services prearranged and paid for. We have families who took care of these arrangements 40 years ago and the family members always comment on how kind and thoughtful that was. 


  • Burial spaces: You have time to pick exactly where the resting place will be, whether it be traditional burial, cremation, Mausoleum, Veteran or Double Interment. River Hills is a beautiful location, and we have found that once families have toured the location, they know exactly where they would like to be laid to rest.

  • Opening/Closing: The costs for the grave preparation and committal service.

  • Vault: The in-ground outer concrete container in which a casket or urn is placed.
  • Bronze Memorial Plaque (a.k.a. "headstone"): You can pick, design and pay for the exact Memorial you want. It can be produced immediately or after the burial.

Should I buY space for our whole family?

Many families are together here at River Hills. The needs of each family will determine how many spaces should be obtained. Generally, husband and wife will arrange for two grave spaces because of children growing up and moving away, they will make their own arrangements. We have families that purchased up to 10 lots 60 years ago, and family members continue to be buried, no matter where they moved. Sometimes, adult members of the same family, whether married or single, are interested in obtaining adjoining lots to form a family grouping.

Will the cemetery space I buy be looked after in the future?

Various civil jurisdictions have enacted laws to insure that cemeteries will be adequately maintained now and in the future.

If I move to a different address is it necessary to notify the cemetery where I have property, of the change in my address?

By all means. Cemeteries need to keep up-to-date lists of their lot owners.