River Hills Memorial Park offers several final resting place options for families choosing cremation. Cremation urns may be interred in an above ground Columbarium Niche in our beautiful Chapel Mausoleum, placed above ground in a Memorial Bench within designated gardens, or families may choose from our traditional in-ground burial options.

For veterans, we will happily assist families in obtaining a no-cost bronze plaque from the U. S. Government, Department of Veterans Affairs. Installation fees apply. 


Placement in columbarium Niche

Our beautiful Chapel Mausoleum houses both indoor and outdoor cremation niches.

Cremation urns may be placed in a Columbarium Niche in our Chapel Mausoleum. Each niche is faced with a memorial plaque engraved with the name, date of birth, and date of passing. Families may choose from various design and location options:

  • Indoor niche with a traditional Bronze Memorial Plaque front
  • Indoor niche with an elegant and modern glass front allowing the urn to be viewed while paying respects
  • Outdoor granite niche with traditional Bronze Memorial Plaque 

The interior of a single niche measures approximately 12" x 12" x 12." All urns must be sealed and any urn placed in a glass front niche must be approved by River Hills Memorial Park. Above ground niches vary in price depending upon their location within the columbarium. 

Newly arriving in fall 2017, a stand-alone outdoor columbarium will be installed north of the Chapel Mausoleum. Companion niches allowing two urns to be interred together will be available for the first time at the request of numerous families and lot owners.



Cremation urns may be buried below ground in a traditional burial lot. Families may choose to have their cremation urns:

  • Buried in a single traditional burial site (up to two urns)
  • Buried in the same burial site as a family member 

Burying in the same lot and grave site as a family member requires permission. If placing an urn on top of an existing traditional burial, please contact the office regarding the size and type of urn that may be used. Consult with your Family Counselor at River Hills before purchasing an urn if you are choosing a below ground burial. River Hills offers urns of different materials and colors, some of which the family may personalize with an engraving or even a color photograph of their loved one. Check with River Hills before purchasing an urn vault; space constraints can limit their size, especially if this is the second burial in the site.

Family and friends are welcome to gather either in the River Hills Chapel or outside at the gravesite for a 20 minute committal service prior to the in-ground burial. Interment fees vary depending on the day and time the service is held and are paid at the time of need.


Memorial cremation Benches

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 5.11.00 PM.png

Our Cremation Benches can either stand alone in one of our select cemetery gardens or complement a private mausoleum. Cremation memorial benches are a serene, private option for families that allow cremation urns to be placed inside. Benches are also personalized with a bronze memorial plaque.